About us

Advanced Security Systems and Video Surveillance

Impianti professionali di videosorveglianza

Our company was established in 1968 and engages in the design and realisation of security systems, including video surveillance systems, biometric access control systems, antitheft systems and fire prevention systems.

Our goal is to build reliable security systems to suit the specific needs of every customer. Thanks to our systems, the user can effectively monitor all public and private areas with our video systems. Utmost security for internal and external areas thanks to our anti-intrusion systems, fire prevention systems, access control and biometric control systems. In order to assist our customers more efficiently and in a timely manner, we have arranged two areas of competence: a Project and Service Area. The Project Area: responsible for conducting in-house technical inspections, customised design of the system (whether it is a video surveillance, biometric control or fire prevention system) and the respective installation and training of staff who will operate them.

The Service Area: dedicating exclusively to serving customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Service Area is also responsible for making the respective visits and controls required by service contracts of the security and video surveillance systems. This is very important for guaranteeing the perfect operation and safety of the system after the warranty period. The continuous search for advanced solutions will allow us to produce security and control systems that are technologically innovative and effective.



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